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On the importance of diversification...

One of the newsletters recently made a sell recommendation on a stock that's been a huge loss. I was reading the board for that stock tonight because I'm actually ignoring the sell recommendation and was wondering what others in the community are doing.

Apparently, this recommendation has raised a bit of a stink. :)

Someone had posted about how well stocks had done *after* this newsletter had recommended a sell; basically all of them were up, some fairly substantially. After reading the comments on that thread, I realized how important it is for my sanity to be heavily diversified, and posted a comment of my own.

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Lets memorialize memorial day!

Party at cowhaus, Monday, Memorial Day (the 25th).

Start at 2PM. I'm going to smoke a brisket and probably do something else as well. We have some soda, but I believe the beer supply is low, so please bring some if you plan on drinking. If you're feeling motivated to bring food of some sort please just comment so we can cowordinate.

Don't forget that we have a pool. :)
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No email for a while

Just to let folks know, we're switching DSL providers at cowhaus, which thanks to some unknown stupidity will actually take more than a day. Until that's done I most likely won't be able to receive email (it's all queuing on my secondary MX).
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Goin' vertical

My old man has decided that it's time to go vertical and climb North America's 2nd tallest building (and hell, probably the tallest set of stairs). If you've got some pocket change to spare, you might consider donating; it's for cancer research.
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POP! Where'd all the money go??

If you're even remotely curious or concerned about the current financial market problems, you NEED to listen to It does an excellent job of explaining exactly how we got into this mess. Also some sobering information... the credit crunch is so bad right now that the country of Iceland had to raise the rates on it's bonds to 15% to get people to buy! They'd be better off using credit cards! (Hmm... I wonder where I can find some of those bonds...)

Makes me wonder... if we just allow a bunch of these companies to fail, maybe no one will be able to figure out who owns what mortgage. No more foreclosures, housing market starts to recover.
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What's the point?

After passing the 528,294th yard sign promoting McCain or Obama yesterday, a thought occurred to me. "Why?"

I can only think of 3 reasons to have a yard sign for a political candidate:

1. To raise awareness of that candidate's existence.
2. To encourage others to vote for that candidate.
3. To keep your grass from floating away.

Now, if you haven't heard of both McCain and Obama at this point, I don't think I want you voting in the first place. And last I looked, grass generally didn't just float away. So I guess it must be #2.

But does that really make sense? I can maybe see yard signs making a difference when it comes to city comptroller, but in this age of "You're either with us or against us, you dirty scum!" politics, is anyone going to swayed to vote for "the dark side" based on a yard sign?