Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

The Vacation

Heh, almost typo'd that as 'The Vatican'...

Left Austin on a Friday (no, I don't remember which one... it was like 5 weeks ago!) Stopped in Dallas to visit family there. Went to a cookout Friday night, and mostly just hung around until I left for Chicago. Drive up to Chicago was pretty uneventful.

Got to see Dinger's new house, which was pretty cool. Too bad it was a solid 45 minutes away from my parents. I still managed to get over there a few times though, almost all of which involved eating a big chunk of Lou Malnati's pizza. Mmmmm....

The first Saturday I was there Nick (pledge brother and someone I was friends with in high school) threw a party, so I got to see a bunch of fraternity guys that I haven't seen in some time. I didn't get to stay too long because my family was also grilling that night.

The next Saturday (July 1), Bayou threw his July 4th party. This year was much quieter than I've seen in years past (and I'm not even considering Bayoufest days...), but I still got to see a bunch of folks (again, damn cool). On the 4th itself we had a small party at my parents place with my brother's family.

In between all that I got to spend some random time with my dad, most noteworthy being taking a boat tour on the river and lake.

On the 5th I drove to Grand Rapids, MI to visit family. The 6th found me outside of Detroit visiting a fraternity brother and his family. On the 7th I drove up to Toronto for the PostgreSQL 10th anniversary. That Monday I started my drive home, but stopped at Niagara for about 8 hours. Finally got back into Austin about 4PM Wednesday, and the next morning I drove out to Skyfest, which was very cool (I'll post an entry about that in skydiving later).

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