Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Eye yi eye

Went down to San Marcos to drop my rig off to be repacked. Driving home, my left eye was bugging me a bit. It was gradually getting worse and worse. Finally, just after getting off the expressway I rubbed it and it fucking hurt. I pulled over and tried pulling my contact out. It felt like it was still in to the touch, but something didn't feel quite right. Then I noticed it was actually sitting in my hand (apparently it'd come out on its own).

At this point my eye was quite pissed off. I managed to get home and tried looking at my eye in the mirror, but that told me exactly nothing. It was still hurting, especially when I closed my eye.

Well, Mom always said "you don't mess around with your vision!", and for once I decided to take her advice. I didn't go so far as calling 911, but I did get cow to take me to Seton's ER.

Long story short, they didn't see anything or any scratches, they stuck a thing in my eye and flushed it out with about 750ml of ringers, gave me a drop to numb the eye, a quick vision test, and sent me home. I've got a prescription for an antibiotic I'm supposed to use if the eye gets gummy, and they want me to follow up with some opthamologist (though they said it'd be fine if I just went to my regular optometrist). Oh, and no contacts for at least a few days (no big deal, unless it lasts past Friday).

BTW Heidi, sorry I didn't take your call, but you timed it just as I was getting home and all eye was breaking loose.
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