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What makes a house a home

Just got back from spending the weekend with my 'aunt', parents, and sister at my aunt's house in Dallas. It was a satisfying change of pace.

It's amazing how much more like 'home' it felt like than cowhouse does. Family around, sounds of dinner being prepared, etc.

On the other hand, there's all the little things that bug you about your family. There's things that bug me at cow house, but I interact with moon and cow so little at home that it's pretty inconsiquential.

Anyway, while I was up there we setup the new computer my aunt bought (Gateway, 2.2GHz celleron, 256M, 17" LCD). Drank a bunch of wine and homebrew. Had some good food. Went to a party thrown by my cousin. Had a great time.

It's amazing, but the kittens have changed while I was gone. They're bigger, and more capable physically. A bit more independant and mellow. They're starting to look more like small cats rathere than kittens. I need to get them to the vet, since they're obviously way over the 8 weeks they're supposed to be. And Wilma has shakes occasionally, which has me concerned.

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