Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

There's actually some love to be had at PVSW

I'd decided to write this entry some weeks ago, but didn't want to do it until my employment was officially at an end. I finally remembered about it while reading one of Joel's latest articles.

Many people I know here in Austin have had bad experiences with Pervasive, most notably, people that came on-board when Data Junction was aquired. It always made it interesting whenever I went to lunchies and folks found out where my paycheck came from.

Personally, I'd never had too much issue working there. Sure, I think some things could have been done better, but I've yet to find a job where that wasn't the case.

Recently, Pervasive announced that they were pulling out of the PostgreSQL market. This had the side-effect of leaving me without a job. Of course many employers would have just sent me on my way, maybe with some severance. Here's what Pervasive did:

- sent me to a conference even though they knew it'd do them no good, because it'd provide a great opportunity for me to network.

- told myself and the other PostgreSQL person what was going to happen 5 days before the public announcement. This was a pretty big risk on their part, since if either of us had leaked that info it could easily have resulted in SEC involvement.

- kept me on as a full-time employee for an additional week, so that I'd hit my 1-year anniversary. This meant additional severance pay.

- kept me on as a contractor for an extra month after that.

Granted, there were some contracts that we had to make good on in August, so that probably played a role in keeping me around, though they probably could have easily just backed out of the deals. It also doesn't explain why they kept my coworker around for the extra month, either.

It's also possible that Pervasive treated us this way out of fear for what might happen if we started shooting our mouths off in the PostgreSQL community about how they treated us. Or maybe John Farr is a better CEO than Dave was.

Whatever the case, next time someone talks about How Evil Pervasive Is, you might take it with a grain of salt.

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