Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Trials on trial

Man, where to even begin?

First, IIRC there's something in the Bill Of Rights about a trial by a jury of your peers. Riiight. How often do logical/critical thinkers get selected for a jury? About as often as the Cubs win the world series. The judicial system isn't about justice after-all; it's about being in control. And it's way easier to control gullible people who treat the Enquirer as a bible than someone who's been trained to think logically.

Then there's all the obtuse rules/laws that go along with court. What evidence can be presented... what can't... etc., etc. Worse is that the judicial system feels the need to control how juries think and act. For example, according to my old man, the law states that a jury has the right to determine if a specific law actually has bearing on the case, and if it doesn't they should disregard it. Yet juries are never told of that fact. And that's just a small example. The problem is that juries have become just a cog in the machine, instead of a collection of

Perhaps the real problem is that juries work well when you're looking at the spirit of the law instead of trying to appease the letter of the law. Our legal system has devolved into one where we try and legislate every last possible outcome. The result is that common sense has no place anymore, and the justice system has devolved into just lumbering through rules and procedures.
Tags: politics

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