Decibel (decibel45) wrote,


Went to Arby's for some chow last night. Before I'm up to the counter, the manager is already asking about the NSX, and the younger guy behind the counter is equally as interested. What's surprised me is the manager wanted to know what it cost, which is a bit unusual (especially as a first question). I told him it originally sold for $90k and he's all "See! I told you!" to the other guy. Turns out he knows nothing about cars or the NSX other than what he's learned playing Need For Speed... where the car costs $90k to buy.

On the way back from Dallas, a new 'vette suddenly shows up off the port side. At first I pretty much ignored them, since it looked like they wanted to prove something, but then I notice that the window is down, with the passanger taking videos with his camera. So we end up making some high-speed photo runs. I'm now wanting a supercharger even more... :> Though while the 'vette (turns out it was an '06) clearly had more power and was definitely pulling away, I also wasn't getting my ass handed to me. Not bad for a 15 year old car...

Best part is that heidinoel was good natured about the whole thing. :)

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