Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Job opportunities at EnterpriseDB

We've got the following positions open at EnterpriseDB:

Iselin, NJ:
Manager, Inside Sales
Sr. Consultant (post-sales) (x2)
Technical Support Engineer

San Francisco:
Sales Engineer

Sales Engineer

Some of those positions might have some flexibility on location. We're also expanding rapidly, so this list could quickly become out-of-date. Right now it's not on our website, though that should change pretty soon.

Why EnterpriseDB? For me, the biggest reason is that I've never worked anywhere else where so many people in the company are really at the top of their game. Sure, startups usually attract some pretty top-notch folks, but that's often only a fraction of the company. At EnterpriseDB, most everyone is top-notch, from the BoD on down.

Both our CEO and CTO have previous successful startups under their belt. Perhaps more tellingly, I see us focusing on things that are important to the long-term growth and success of the company, and not on short-term metrics. And this is true at the BoD level as well.
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