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PostgreSQL Job - 120-200k/year

Postgres DBA Wanted at
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My name is Geoff Cook. I am one of the founders of, a venture-backed (USVP) startup based in New Hope, PA. We have 1.7 million members and a couple hundred million monthly pageviews. We have used Postgres since day one. This is my second startup, the previous one I ran for 7 years before selling to The Thomson Corporation, which was a successful exit for everyone involved.

We have an opening for a Senior Postgres DBA and one for Data Architect. We can offer up to $200,000 per year + substantial option package for the right candidate. is undoubtedly one of the more hit postgres databases in the world given the nature of our users (teens) and the fact that we succeed to the extent we can match them up in novel ways.

We'd prefer someone in house, but may be able to work out a two-day in the office a week type of relationship as well. The job would entail helping us scale from 1.7 million to about 10 million users within 12 months. The candidate would work with programmers to help make queries efficient and look for and fix poorly performing queries and help move the DB to a master - slave.. We are currently running on a quad dual-core Opteron with 32 drives and will soon be moving to a Xiotech SAN to hold the DB.

I wanted to reach out to this list given that Postgres is integral to the success of our business and in the hope we could find someone in the Philadelphia/NJ area or who is willing to relocate.

Please feel free to pass this opportunity on to anyone who may be interested. To apply, please follow the links at the top of this email to CareerBuilder.
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