Decibel (decibel45) wrote,


I'm sitting at the Austin P-club right now. CNBC was just showing the market ticker, along with the current time... in hundredths of a second.

Do people really need to know that it's 2:08:23:42 PM?

Last night while stopping at Burger King for some late-night food (because Arby's was closed... grrr...), some kid in a non-stock 'stang pulled up and asked what year the NSX was. Then he asked if I "wanted to run", presumably asking if I wanted to drag race or something. I was like "no thanks" and he was like "awwww, why not"? "Because I'm too old for that shit."

Did 4 jumps yesterday and had a bunch of fun. But my damn nose has been running ever since. :(

One of the cats just knocked over the decorative bottle of peppers Heidi gave me, breaking it. I knew I shouldn't have left it on my nightstand. Nothing like trying to clean up sticky pepper goo while on a conference call with your boss and a sales guy.

Heidi will be helping out at Auditorium Shores on Saturday. :)

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