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So much to catch up on...

After returning from Europe, I spent a few days in Chicago to be with my family. Finally got back home a week later than planned; nothing like being gone for 3 weeks.

Last week I spent a bunch of time getting my rig to a rigger so the reserve could be repacked, only to find out that only a master rigger can repack it without an RSL. Finally managed to get the RSL from the guy I bought my rig from and get it to my rigger, but it meant I couldn't jump last weekend. Of course this weekend I could jump... but it's going to be solid overcast all weekend long.

This past week I was at PGCon. I was loath to hit the road again but was looking forward to re-connecting with a lot of folks. Until I got settled in at the P-Club and discovered that my laptop wouldn't resume from sleep. No big deal, I'll just reboot it. Then I find out it's back to the game of not rebooting. I tried my hack of moving the offending kernel extension that worked last time, but that made things worse: the machine no longer thought it had a keyboard.

So for most of Wednesday I'm trying to revive my laptop. Walked to a computer store to get a firewire cable so I could boot in target mode. Did that, put the kernel extension back so at least the thing knew about the keyboard, but it still wouldn't boot. I finally ended up in a taxi over to The Mac Group. Guy did a pram reset and everything was good again. Wish I'd thought of that myself, but at least they didn't charge me.

Finally got back yesterday, a little bit delayed. We were about 6th in line to take off at IAD when a United 747 spewed parts out of it's engine on takeoff, causing a brush fire. That meant they had to close that runway. So picture a flock of aircraft all trying to taxi to the other side of the airport, using a bunch of different routes. Was rather odd to watch. It would have been fun to be in ground control for that, though I imagine it would have sucked to have been working it. :)

Another incident further confirmed why I hate flying United... I was eating lunch at a bar and overheard a guy on his phone describing that they were in the plane, ready to go when United cancels the flight due to a mechanical problem. Not only was the flight attendant apparently rude, United was offering very little in the way of help. I did explain what little I know about rule 120.20, so hopefully he was able to use that to get out of town via another carrier.

Oh, one last United tidbit... IAD-AUS was on an ERJ170, which according to seats 70. Of course it was over-booked... by 9 seats. Seems like a lot. On top of that, I didn't hear a single call for volunteers, and I know there was at least one person who wanted to get on the plane.

Anyway, enough travel (other than to say I'll be in San Diego this week).

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a huge proponent of the 2nd Amendment. What a lot of folks may not know is that until this year I'd never even fired a gun. That finally changed recently when I went shooting with my friend Drake... I think that was about a month ago. A bunch of us have been talking (oh, for about 4 years) about getting our Texas CHLs, and it just so happens that Drake and his dad are both CHL instructors. So last Sunday we went and did the class. That was the 3rd time I'd been shooting, and the day before was the first time I shot using a modified weaver stance which greatly improved my accuracy. So I don't feel bad that I scored 2nd to last on the proficiency test (234 out of 250). You only need 175 to pass (and CHL instructors need 225... lowest score in our group was 227), but of course there was a bit of an air of competition. :) More importantly I never missed the target, and did very well up until the very end of the test, mostly because I was getting a bit tired after 40+ rounds. I'm sure that will go away as I go shooting more. Now I just need to finish up all the paperwork and actually get a gun.

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