Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Dear lazyweb...

Two questions from two different people today that I'm not the most qualified to answer, so I'm passing them on...

heidinoel wants to find a way to take RSS feeds, translate them into HTML, and then email that HTML out. I'm thinking this shouldn't be too hard for someone that knows a language that has a library meant for dealing with RSS, MTAs and some means to translate XML such as XSLT. That person isn't me. :) This is for her new employer, so there's actually money available.

lilrivkah asked me tonight at AustinJava how to do a site that redirects people like many free wireless setups do, where you have to click on something or login in order to get full access. While I can imagine many ways to do that, does anyone know what the best way to do that actually is?
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