Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

The weekend

Headed down to the Riverwalk Friday night with lilrivkah. Got there later than I'd hoped, but still had an awesome diner at Delores del Rio (awesome Italian, North-west corner of the riverwalk. Building with the tree growing out of it... I highly recommend it.)

Saturday went to Sea World... where we got fucking fingerprinted! They scan your damn index finger before you're let in the park! What the fuck?? We *might* go back again this year just because we both have season passes, but that's it. Fuck them.

We were pretty beat Saturday night... had diner at the Hilton restaurant, then went to Dirty Nellies, but only stayed for one beer.

Yesterday we managed to get home in time to go to The Original Pancake House. And then Mangias for diner. With some pool and TV thrown in-between.

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