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Must keep plants (and steaks) warm

I've found myself drinking out quite a bit recently; it's all snaxxx and dopplertx's fault, of course. Well, ok, maybe not.

Last saturday was the Zealots meeting. Barley wine. Way too close to liqour for my taste. Went to the Bitter End for the first time after the meeting, tried the pumpkin ale and monkadelic. Went to Bitter End tuesday and finally sampled most of their beers. Tim is one hell of a good brewer.

Wednesday was BB Rovers. Thursday was Elsie's, though not much drinking there. Friday was stickcow's party.

Of course there was some work at the new job in there, too.

Yesterday I was a bit productive; got the roof on the greenhouse finished and one side 1/2 done. Just in the nick of time too, it's gonna freeze tonight. I was really worried when I woke up this morning and it was raining but luckily it was just a narrow band of rain. Kinda frustrating that I spent something like 4 hours on this thing yesterday and it's still not done though.

I had to cut it short yesterday because people were comming over to sample the Omaha Steaks that I'd recently bought. Damn fine meat! Their stuffed baked potatos were very good too, even if I did char them a bit. snaxxx made some kick-ass broccoli, zuchini and mushrooms too.

After that we went to the LJ party and then on to Lovejoy's. I was a dumbass and signed up for their beer club, which cost $20. You get a nice book that explains all the different beer styles, but $20 just to join seems a bit much. Oh well. At least they brew, so there will always be different stuff to try.

I ended up getting way drunk last night, too. I think the stout at Lovejoy's is what put me over the top (of course it didn't help that I'd been drinking while building the greenhouse and had probably 5 homebrews and some wine over dinner. Add 3 Fat Tires at the LJ party and wola! Drunk decibel.

Oh well, time to get my ass outside and finish the greenhouse before DnD.

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