Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Yay skydiving!!

Wow, been quite a while since my last update.

I went up to my Aunt's in Dallas for Thanksgiving. Was great fun. Was going to give equiraptor a ride back on Saturday, but she couldn't break free.

Saturday I went to Thanksgiving #2 at truffle's. Was very good, and a bit different. Had a mediteranian twist to it.

But the big news is that Sunday Davin and I went skydiving!!!

It was definately hurry up and wait, though, which sucked. We had a 12 o'clock appointment... got there a bit before 12, waited a bit, got suited up, waited a bit, then about 10 minutes before we were going to get on the plane they called a weather hold due to a damn overcast layer that blew in from nowhere.

So then we had to decide... wait and hope it clears, or bail.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited....

Finally, we got on the plane at about 4:30, and off we went.

The first big change from last time is that we were in a much bigger plane; a twin engine turbo-prop 'otter'. Last time we were in a 6 seat twin which means the door is quite small. This would be bad enough for me, but it made it damn near impossible for Doug and I to get the hell out of the plane. It sucked bigtime. No such problem this time thankfully.

First jump was pretty simple/easy, even though I did learn quite a bit. It's basically a jump where you pull the chute. The drill is that you jump; check your altimeter; grab the rip-cord 3 times to build some muscle memory. After that, you just keep tabs on your altitude and pull at 5500 feet.

Yes, I said first jump... Davin and I were lucky enough to get in 2 jumps, but just barely. As soon as Doug and I were on the ground, we grabbed a second rig and headed right back out the the plane. The second jump is the same as the first except you execute two turns while you're in the air.

Anyway, they're having a ground school this Sat., which is the next step in the training. I'm gonna be there. I think it's safe to say I'm hooked.

Last night was a DnD night, and I just got back from BB Rovers. Work is going well, even with the Oracle learning cliff (no curve here). Looking forward to Saturday.

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