Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Why I love my girlfriend...

Nasby Jim: T-50
Nasby Jim: :P
Aestas08: does that mean you miss me? :P
Nasby Jim: either that or I just like countdowns
Aestas08: you're an engineer...probably the countdown
Nasby Jim: I have... The Knack
Aestas08: for countdowns?
Nasby Jim:
Aestas08: utter social ineptitude
Aestas08: explains the inability to sweet-talk a girl :P
Nasby Jim: or to know it's required :P
Aestas08: kinda defeats the purpose of "sweet talk" if you have to be told "start...NOW!"
Nasby Jim: it would certainly make it easier
Nasby Jim: eventually my brain would grow synapses that tie recognition of that phrase to the the sweet-talk generation routine
Aestas08: uh huh...takes the romance out of it when you have to ask lol
Nasby Jim: so you're saying it would be better if random() called into sweet_talk() ?
Aestas08: um...maybe...?
Aestas08: you're so cute when you start talking geek to me :)
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