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Interesting show about post WWII Germany

I just watched a show about post WWII Nazi guerrilla activities in Germany (mostly before Germany was split). The show was done sometime before Saddam was captured, and it does intend to compare to what's happening in Iraq. But that's not what I find interesting (especially since that just leads to the debate about if we should be in Iraq, which we've all heard countless times by now).

What I do find interesting is that there are so many parallels and that society has largely forgotten about this.

My hope is that 50 years from now, the current situation in Iraq will be but a distant memory, and that future generation's won't really know what it was like living in a world where the middle-east is in turmoil. Just like my generation doesn't truely know what WWII was like and younger generations don't truely know what the cold war was like.

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