Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Anyone get the license plate of that party that hit me?

I was all set to make my 100th jump some time Sunday. I was at 93 at the end of last weekend, and now that the weather's good and I'm getting pretty good at packing it's easy to crank out 4 jumps a day.

Then I was hit by a runaway party on the way to the DZ.

OK, I'd planned on going anyway... it was at a fellow jumper's new house (who happens to work at the Yellow Rose). I figured it'd be cool, I'd leave maybe around 1 or 2, head down to the DZ (since her house is halfway between here and there), crash there for the night and jump on Saturday.

I remember realizing at one point that I was the only skydiver still there, which probably had to do with it being 4:30AM or so. I guess this is what happens when at a party with a bunch of exotic dancers and a dance pole in the living room.

Anyway, I didn't leave until 10:30AM and since jumping with no sleep isn't a great idea I just headed home an crashed. On the bright side it looks like we should be able to make our 100th jump together now (she has 95 jumps right now, and will be able to jump on Friday while I'm stuck working). The plan is to make this a nakid jump, too. Should be rather interesting (and I'm certainly getting the better end of the deal).

Saturday night I played chef at _fool's party, making nuclear tacos for all who were brave enough. Almost everyone was, and Summer wasn't really phased by the hot batch (which was pretty damn hot by all accounts). Seems I have a challange here... Unfortunately I was still pretty tired from the night before, so I ducked out at about 12:30. Hopefully a lot of the party goers will be at the next taco night.

Sunday was a good day of jumping, even if it was pretty slow. I made several jumps with snaxxx's sister Jen. The first two were just 2-ways; on the second one I found myself actually noticing things she could improve on. I found this rather ironic since just last week I was commenting on how even though you can get your coach rating at 100 jumps I felt I was far away from being able to coach anyone. There will probably be a coaches class towards the end of summer, and now I plan on being in it.

Unfortunately I seemed to have developed something of a cold, so I'm just trying to take it easy today.

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