February 23rd, 2005

Cougar 1


Well, first, thanks to everyone that helped with the cowhaus move.

Second, from volume 32 of How To Be A Leech, I still need help. :( At most I might be able to pack what's left in my room and some of the stuff in the garage. This leaves:

Move buffet into dining room
Move hutch into my room
Clear any other furniture out of garage so my car can go there

Back at cowhaus.old, the following still needs to be moved:
Some odds and ends out of my room, including my nightstand
Some glassware of mine, though I might be able to get that myself
A small bookshelf
The contents of my 2nd closet need to be moved, but that's just a half dozen boxes and some clothes
2-drawer filing cabinet
several computers (only 2 of which need to get hooked back up, something else I'll need help with as I can't really go through the contortions normally required to get computers all hooked up)
3 monitors (21", 19", 17")
several UPSes
my desk (which isn't too bad once broken into 2 pieces)

Then there's a bunch of shit in the garage. Once the car's out, I can probably handle a fair amount on my own since I can just back the truck in and toss the stuff that's on the shelving in the back. But stuff like my toolbox I won't be able to move. Cow's going to need help with his hard-top, too, help I sadly can't provide.

The furniture is mostly going to need 2 people. Other stuff doesn't need such a co-ordinated effort. Probably the first thing is to get the furniture out of the new garage so I can get the car moved, which makes moving the garage a hell of a lot simpler (and hopefully something I can do). Can a few people do that maybe tomorrow? There's stuff that can be moved whenever, like the computers (well, whenever we get DSL here, at least for one of the machines). Then there's the furniture stuff that will require multiple people, but don't affect moving the car and hence the garage. Cow's hard top is going to be a PITA; iirc it weighs 100lbs or there abouts. It can get moved at any time, though the only thing it can get moved in is either cow's jeep (which requires some planning), or a pickup. In any case, I guess maybe planning on another weekend day of moving makes sense. It should go way faster than Sunday did, although I don't know if there's anything moon needs help with or if cow has anything other than the jeep.

I really hate to ask for yet more help, but there's just no way I can move some of this stuff in any way, and cow's already moved more than his share of my crap.
Cougar 1

You guys rock hard!

First, thanks for all the offers of help!

Which day is better for everyone, Sat. or Sun.? I'm thinking start at 1PM. There will probably be some kind of food afterwards, depending on what people are in the mood for and how my back is doing. Regardless of that, there will be a big End Of Mooving banquet at some point in the near future, probably at Mangia's.

For those who want to help move lighter stuff, any time is a good time! Either wait for the big mooving day, or drop me an email or what-have-you.
Cougar 1

It's decided!

Mooving, version 1.1.
Cowhaus 1

Be there... or don't!

BTW, thanks to Greg, BSE, and cow, most of my computers, my computer desk, and cow's computer desk are now over here. Elise was asking about using the truck in exchange for bringing some more stuff over, and calledisrael is comming over tomorrow to move light stuff. Hopefully this means there won't be a great deal to moove on Sunday.

Thanks again everyone!