June 16th, 2005

Cougar 1

Free at last!

Dr.'s appointment today... almost 6 months later, I'm now officially good to go. Though he did have to get in one final dig about how I shouldn't be skydiving and how lucky I got.

I'm now tempted to go pack my rig and put it on, just so I can remember what it feels like...
Cougar 1

lets make some... BEEER!

I'm going to brew this Sunday, especially if some other people come over to brew too. Anyone who wants to brew/help/watch is welcome. I'm thinking of starting around 6 so it's not quite so hot outside, but that might change if a bunch of people decide they want to brew, in which case we'll start earlier.

BTW, I have several recipes that are free for the brewing if anyone wants to make their own beer but can't make it to AHS.