October 15th, 2005

Cougar 1

Highs and lows

Went to breakfast with snaxxx this morning. I already was in a bleh mood when on the way to Elsi's the NSX starts making a loud, not good sounding noise above 30 MPH. Pull over twice, trying to figure out wtf the problem is with no luck. I can tell it's dependant on airflow, but that's it.

So now I'm in a rather crappy mood over breakfast and on the way back. Luckily, Snax decided she wanted to poke around once back at her apartment. After a while she notices that the rubber piece at the top of the windshield was comming off! Duh.

While fixing that her neighbor shows up. We end up talking about the car, and he's clearly very impressed by it. Asks to sit in it, etc. After a while I offer him a ride, an offer he jumps on. So we head out. After a minute or two, we stop at a red light and what should pull up across the street from us but another silver NSX! First NSX I've seen in Texas. And after the ride I thought I was going to have to clean up splooge off the passanger seat. Turns out it was his birthday, too.

14:53 < snaxxy> heh- i just went to give my neighbor the keys to my old car, and he was 
                staggering up the stairs, flushed
14:53 < snaxxy> TheCougar gave him a ride in the NSX
14:54 < snaxxy> Beau said he almost sh*t himself, his heart is racing
14:54 < snaxxy> he LOVED it