December 17th, 2005

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Why I love being able to see the front door from my loft...

Second time today someone's knocked at the front door. (Well, ok, first time the person was civilized and rang the bell. I mean come on, knocking on a door in this day and age is so plebian.) The first time I kind of cheated a bit, because I'd just woken up and noticed USPS was parked blocking the drive, meaning either they were a) going to try and ship my Jeep somewhere b) wanted to buy my Jeep or c) were about to deliver something. Indeed, I soon was downstairs talking to the nice Man In Blue (I think he was actually wearing those uber-dorky USPS shorts... you know, the ones that look like it's what they do with the only slightly less dorky looking USPS pants that have had the bottoms chewed through by rabid neighborhood dogs...) and accepting a box of wolverines or something for my roommate. (I just tossed the box in his room and closed the door... I hope they'll be ok until he's back in January).

Anyway, a few minutes ago someone knocked on the door. Luckily, I was upstairs, so I was able to sneak a peek without the person at the door noticing. And what lays before my eyes but someone dressed in business-formal holding a bible. Hmmm... what to do, what to do... Trying to hit them with boiling oil from an upstairs window probably wouldn't work to well... No doberman to sic on them... Haven't installed the trap door over a pit of lava yet... In the end I decided to just Ignore The Problem And It Will Go Away, which for once in my life actually worked.

Though now that I think about it, I could have just went down nakid. And given the nice person one of my roommate's new wolverines.
Cougar 1

Proof Scott Adams is funny

Some people comlain about Dilbert not being funny, which could well be legitimate. Scott Adams on the other hand is funny, and here's proof:

Fashion is essentially dressing in a way that makes other people less likely to say behind your back any of these phrases:


“He looks like The Gap puked on him.”


“Hey, it’s Carrot Top!”
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