January 3rd, 2006

Cougar 1

Beware .gov!

So I'm sure y'all have heard the theories about how .gov tests different viruses out by introducing them into the population and seeing how fast they spread. Ok, I guess it's not so much theory; I'm pretty sure there's proof they actually did this during the cold war.

Anyway, I almost have to wonder if they're mucking about in Austin. Since getting back into town Friday, nugget, heidinoel, calledisrael and myself have either had a cold, or appear to be coming down with one. Granted, Heidi and I spent quite a bit of time together this weekend, and while we tried to make sure she didn't get sick (since she has a big interview on Thursday), it wouldn't surprise me if our efforts failed. Nugget was sick before I was, so that's just coincidence (or .gov!) Ali's only possible exposure was hugging both Heidi and I.

Yup, I think it's the feds!