May 24th, 2006

Cougar 1

Last night: DK Sushi Karaoke

Went to DK Sushi Karaoke last night with snaxxx and some HCO folks. Ho-ly-shit, DK (the owner and KJ) is, uh, a character. He makes Hoyhoy look lame.

One of the highlights of the evening was after "Dr. Hong" finished his first song. DK said his name, and no sooner was that out of his mouth than Snax blurted out "Holy shit, is that my Doctor?!!?!" It was.

Snax sang next. Well, after DK ogled her boobs for about 10 minutes. Her new name is "Cha chas".

Anyway, the sushi wasn't all that great (except for the naked *mumble* roll), nor was the sake. But the karaoke still makes it worth it.
Cougar 1


moonwick came over and brewed tonight. He made a lemongrass wheat.

In my kettle was batch #70, a frambozen. It's on the yeast cake from batch #69 (huh huh huh), a Sierra Nevada Celebrator clone. There was a good 1/2" of yeast in the bottom of the carboy; I'm betting that this beer is gonna take off big time. Which is good, since the OG is 1.075. Next up for this yeast will be a bigfoot clone... which will have an OG of nearly 1.100. Mewhahaha!