June 20th, 2006

Cougar 1

The hell with Angelina...

I've seen a number of women commenting in their journals about how they'd totally do Angelina Jolie if they were gay/bi.

Screw that.

You want to see smoking hot? Find a copy of the March 4th, 1999 Rolling Stone with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Now that's HOT.

(For those wondering... for some reason my sister has that issue laying around. No, I rather doubt it's because she wants to do Jennifer Aniston...)
Cougar 1


What I'd forgotten and love...

Having great-tasting cold water right at the tap.

Having not the faintest idea where I am, but still finding my destination without a problem.

Italian beef sammiches. You just don't find quite the same thing in Austin.

What sucks...

Holy fuck do the roads here blow ass. I'd never thought they were very good before, but you really, truely realize just how much they suck in the NSX. And I'm just talking Skokie's roads here, let alone Chicago's (which are way worse).

And of course, we're in the 'bottom of the year' season: construction.