August 10th, 2007

Cougar 1

Sorry dude, she don't want to see you...

Just got a call from some kid (who sounded like he was on some kind of serious shit since he could barely form a coherent sentence) looking for "Nicole". This is like the 3rd time this has happened this year (different guys looking for different women each time).

Apparently, when women are making up a bullshit phone number to give to a guy at a bar, it's really easy to pull mine out of thin air...
Cougar 1

Computer acronyms explained!

Computer acronyms explained

Some favorites...
COBOL--The only programming language that will still be around in the year 10,000 AD.
Engineer--A person trained to solve problems. If there are no problems, he'll create a few to solve.
Long--A data type that's pretty much bigger than an int, in most cases, but is definitely smaller than a breadbox.
Recursion--See Recursion.