July 28th, 2008

Cougar 1

Turn on the light

Erica's oldest (Sahara) is 12. Of course if anything defines being a pre-teen, it's drama. Any time she sees us kissing, a giant "EEWWWWWWWWWWWW!" is guaranteed to ensue. It's a miracle her eyes haven't fallen out with all the eye rolling and other "looks" she's constantly dishing out... Of course it's mostly all show and drama for attention, but sometimes you have to wonder... :)

We're on vacation right now; the 4 of us in one room with two double beds. The other night we'd turned off the lights and were going to sleep. Sahara turns on the light to look for something and that's when she discovers I've got my arm around Erica. Of course that elicits more drama of some form. Light goes out again.

At this point she informs us that "oh, yeah, and I heard you guys last night, too". Erica asks "heard us what? Talking?"

"Yeah, coming up with ways to torture me."

"Oh, we don't have to talk about that; we just know what to do."

At this point we hear the "GASP!" that we knew was coming... but what followed wasn't exactly expected... in an overly exasperated voice we hear "Hang on, I have to turn turn on the light to give you a look!"

The look was lost in the other 3 of us laughing...