Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Maybe they did win...

Two email replies to a joke I posted about the republican and democratic conventions:

Hey, you left out the part where the DNC screws every person in eastern Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire by bringing their gathering to town. Has it been broadcast nationwide what concessions from people that the DNC is getting from the people of the states:
- I-93 through the city (the "Central Artery") will be closed starting at 4pm each evening.
- I-93 south of the city (the "South-East Expressway") will be narrowed from 5 lanes to 3.
- The North Station (the hub for all commuter rail to the north) will be closed (for the entire week, 24/7).
- Random searches of belongings will be made on people riding the subway.
- Parking garages within a 1/2 mile of the convention area will be closed.
- All non-commerical flights (within 20 miles) are banned. (No traffic helicopters.)

One of the local radio stations has bought out a resort in the Caribbean for the week and is shutting down for the week and taking listeners with them.

The terrorists have already won.


Similar disruptions are planned during the Republican Convention in New York, which is being held right above Penn Station, the terminus of commuter trains from New Jersey and Long Island serving 600,000 people a day. Many residents are planning vacations that week (financed by renting their homes to visiting delegates or protestors).

So from now on we're going to have to cripple entire cities for our election process? Doesn't sound very practical to say the least. I hope Austin never hosts either convention.

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