Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

^*@(*# truck (and other stuff)

Friday I started working on why the suburban has no brake lights. Sadly I didn't think things through before I started poking around, so I wasted a bunch of time. Not only that but now the windshield wipers won't turn off once they're on (luckily they're stuck on permanently). So I still have to fix the break lights and now I also have to fix the damn windshield wipers. Wee.

Thinking about that this morning made me realize that the more shit you own, the more shit you have to keep running. At least the weather isn't to horrible for car fixoring right now.

This weekend I took a canopy control course. Learned a ton of stuff. I'll probably do a write-up about it in skydiving soon. I still have two eval jumps hanging over my head from last weekend's coaches course. I don't know why I'm so nervous and apprehensive about these two jumps. I already did a practice jump that was probably very similar to what the first eval jump will be like, so it's not like I should be worried about screwing it up, but for some reason I am. I'll be damn happy when this is over with.

I finally got a website setup for my SQL version of a round-robin database, RRS. Hopefully I'll start thinking RRS in my brain instead of RSS. BTW, anyone have any recommendations for what language/technology to use to make that site look better without a boatload of HTML? I'm thinking a vertical nav bar would be nice to add, but I don't really feel like writing that much HTML.

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