Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

The Top 14 Signs Someone You Know Has Pirate Fever

14> Despite the fact that it's 103 in the shade, his timbers are still shiverin'.

13> Last week had 20/20 vision, but now wears a patch over *both* eyes and uses a seeing-eye parrot.

12> He's got this crazy obsession for Peter Pan, and he's not in NAMBLA.

11> While the sea chanteys and hornpipe made for a refreshing change of pace, you would have preferred that the cantor perform something more traditional at your grandmother's funeral.

10> "Arrggh! What be ye talkin' about, Willis?"

9> Even addresses that dreadful gnome in the tollbooth as "me proud beauty."

8> Every day this week she's insisted on eating lunch at Arrrrrrrrrrrby's.

7> He's banned from the strip joint after the dancers complain about having their G-strings stuffed with ice-cold doubloons.

6> On his first day of fencing lessons, he decapitates the instructor.

5> Just posed for a "Got Scurvy?" ad.

4> The bandanna, eye shadow and beaded beard are quite a change, but then nobody expected Ari Fleischer's final press conference to be the same old same old.

3> Hubby's got a wooden leg this morning. Again.

2> Insists that sausage mascot got what she deserved.

and's Number 1 Sign
Someone You Know Has Pirate Fever...

1> He's teaching his Rottweiler to sit -- on his shoulder.

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