Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Holy crap I'm full!

Just got back from spending the day with Mike, an old friend of mine. Ran around doing a bunch of errands, then we went to dinner at a good German restraunt with his wife Stacey (hrm, I hope that's the right spelling). I ate (and drank) myself silly. Not only did Mike buy my diner, but he gave me a bunch of damn good German food (mostly of the sausage variety).

I spent last Wednesday night at my Aunt's house in Dallas, then headed up to Chicago on Thursday. The drive up was mostly uneventful, other than getting a ticket for 91 in a 70 in Oklahoma. Afterwards I realized part of the reason I was going so fast is that after getting my alignment and steering fixed the truck doesn't feel like it's ready to fall apart at that speed anymore.

Friday night I went out for some damn fine pizza with my family to celebrate my birthday (my sister had to work Saturday). Saturday and Sunday I hung out with dinger. Already mentioned what I did today (holy cow I ate too much). I also bought an access point for my parents and got it setup (though honestly it's more for me than them).

Tomorrow I'm having diner with a bunch of old friends. It's amazing how fast time's flying up here. Hopefully I'll have a chance to rebuild the carb for the jeep that I brought up.

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