Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Medical update

So far since I've been back I've seen a 'family doctor' and an orthopedist. Thursday was the trip to the orthopedist. They removed the splint that had been applied by the hospital, as well as the stitches. I'm now sporting a 'walking boot'. It's OK, though it doesn't restrict rotational motion as much as the splint did. He also told me that my leg fracture has a 10-15% chance of not healing on it's own. Because of this I'll be getting a bone stimulator, something that will either help my bones heal or make them horny, I'm not sure which. I also found out that I'll need my torso brace (TLSO) for 3 months, but luckily I only need it when I'm up and about. I'm going to see if I can get a ventilated version, 'cause the one I've got gets hot as hell.

Anyway, I'll be meeting with someone to go over the bone stimulator when I go for my next orthopedic appointment this Thursday.

I think I've finally gotten to a drug schedule that works pretty well; one percocet every 3 hours. Of course that tends to get skewed when I sleep, but it still seems to work ok.

I was going to thank some people for all the help I've gotten this week but as I started writing the list keep getting longer and longer. Suffice it to say that I've gotten help from many different people, though snaxxx stands out for the amount of help she's given me. She's actually turned into something of a fixture at cowhaus as of late. I really appreciate everything that everyone's doing for me!
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