Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Windows application programmer wanted

A friend of mine is looking to modify an existing windows application that calculates the geometry for a 4-link setup in a car. His company makes these 4-link assemblies, and this software is used by customers to help them set the 4-links up. The problem is that the contractor that originally made the software is nowhere to be found, and they don't have the source code.

The current program we have is sitting on our web server at:
I have not had a chance to find out the budget for this project as I
just got into the office.

The new version will have a 4-link chassis bracket that has its top and
bottom bar location holes that move independent of each other. This is
the issue that caused us to decide we need the program updated. As it
is, I believe the current program has no way of doing this.

If you could pass this on to an application programmer it would be great.

They don't have a budget yet. I know they paid $1,000 for the original development of the software.

Reply here if you're interested, or you can email me.
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