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Wilma scared the piss out of herself...

So last night I finally managed to track down what in my room Murphy had pissed on, and tossed it into the loft. Yay, no more sleeping with cat pee.

This morning Wilma was screwing around with a plastic bag under my bed. I saw her emerge after a while, and could still hear the plastic bag rustling. Apparently it had gotten caught on one of her claws. After about step #2 with the bag in tow, she decided it was after her and took off. She went from my room, through the bathroom to my other room, down the stairs, back up the stairs, back into my room and under the bed in approximately 5 seconds. Luckily the bag caught on my back brace as she ran under the bed (guess it's good for something afterall). Once I stopped laughing I grabbed the bag to throw it out. It was wet. No sooner was I wondering why it was wet then I was greated by the now familiar odor of... cat pee. Yay. I tossed the bag in my garbage can and pushed it towards the bottom with my crutch, so hopefully it doesn't stink up the room.
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