Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Holy fuck, the end is in sight....

After another long-ass day of moving, almost everything of mine and cow's is at the new place. There's a handful of shit left, which I'm going to actually try and move myself tomorrow.

This move has sucked ass. It's been horrendous. If you have to ask friends to move you for two solid days, something's seriously fucking wrong.

I thought I didn't have that much crap that would need to be packed. A huge amount of the crap that I brought down from Chicago was still in boxes after all. HAH! Guess again. There was way more shit than I had thought of.

Suffice it to say that I'm extremely grateful to everyone that helped, and I'm sorry it was such a damn ordeal.

And now... life goes on. Or at least it does after the last of the crap is moved and we figure out how the house is getting cleaned before we turn it back over to the landlord.
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