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Dreaming of dreams...

Just woke up a bit ago after a rather odd dream...

I was in bed and Pi had decided to sleep next to me. Not down at the foot of the bed, but up near my head, which she absolutely never does. At this point I knew I was dreaming and decided to wake up (yes, I can sometimes controll my dreams). Except I didn't wake up, I was still dreaming.

I went back to sleep for a bit (still in my dream), and now Pi had crawled under the covers (again, something that never happens). Things are a bit fuzzy after that, and I soon woke up for real.


I finished Order of the Phoenix Monday, so I've now read all 5 books. For anyone wondering, I'd say you can safely skip the first two books if you've seen the movies and not miss much... those two books are really short. Book 3 is the first one that's got some real meat to it.

Went skating last night... still need to get better wheels; was tired as hell after a few hours.
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