Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Medical tacos

Ok, not really medical tacos, but a medical update with tacos on my mind...

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. One of my vertibrae has compressed a little more, but that's expected to stabilize soon. A bigger concern is that my leg still isn't showing signs of healing. So, I'm now supposed to put more weight on my leg, and do more with it. So no more crutch-work, and more being out and about. I started on that yesterday and my knee got really sore; sore enough that I needed a couple vicodin to fall asleep. Hopefully that won't be required tonight, though I suspect it will be. I also managed to screw up my shoulder a while ago. It hasn't healed on it's own, so I had the doctor look at it. He gave me some exercises to do that should get it back in shape, all with a 2lb weight. I can't even do one of them! My shoulder's too weak to move 2lbs! Sheesh.

Other than that, planning for SXSWNTN is pretty much done, though there's still stuff to buy. We still need help, though, so if you can please sign up to help out from 4PM until about 10PM.

Edit: I forgot to mention that some of my X-rays are now online.

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