Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

It's good to be 'back'

So I went to the dropzone today, for the first time since my accident. Everyone was happy to see me, and it was great to be out there again. It's interesting how some things have changed in 3 months and others haven't changed at all. One thing that is bad about my hiatus is forgetting people's names. I meet so many folks out there that I have a hell of a time keeping names straight as it is; having not seen them for 3 months makes it a bit of a bitch.

Apparently a lot of people have been asking about me, too. I met a few new people tonight and they were all like "So YOU'RE Decibel!" My reputation preceedes me.

I did quite a bit of walking around, too, so hopefully that did my leg some good. My knee isn't terribly happy about it, but hopefully tonight will be drug-free like last night. Especially since the going rate for vicodin on the street is $4 a pop! I think now I know how I'll be paying my medical bills!
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