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Tonight's fun

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the Austin Zealots (all the local home brewers). Of course, I'm using "meeting" in the loose sense of the word. This "meeting" is comprised of sampling a bunch of really good homebrew. Tonight was no exception.

After the "meeting", a few of is went to the B-side. I had their 2003 Wee Heavy, though after sampling some of their 2002 Barleywine, I should have gotten that. But I needed to drive home and was trying to sober up at this point, so no barelywine for me.

After that I decided I wanted some Best Wurst. Since One-2-One was on the way over to where Best Wurst usually sets up, I stopped in. It was good to see Greg and Destiny again, though I was sad to hear he's selling his rig. They have a new bartender (and damn she's hot!)

After hanging out there for a bit, I headed over to Best Wurst. Hung out there for a while, talking to John and Christian. Turns out John's always wanted to skydive. He said he wanted to talk more about it, and I gave him my card, so maybe I'll have my first convert (since snaxxx, ghewgill, and BSE are still screwing around).

Finally walked all the way back to my truck. Now I'm cold, still a bit wet, and my knee hurts. Oh well.

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