Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Leave it to some sickos to ruin a perfectly good thing...

So I think I finally discovered why some people get so bent out of shape at 'furries'. For starters, there are some people that take things way too far. Dressing up as animals, etc. Good grief, find a better hobby. And then there's the people who essentially try and simulate sex with stuffed animals. Ugh.

So, now I can understand why people freak out when some of my IRC feline persona bleeds through to LJ.

So, for the record, I don't dress up in a cougar suit, and I sure as hell don't have sex with stuffed animals. The cougar persona is nothing more than me being silly on IRC. It's something I've been doing for years; long before blog was a word and probably long before these furry goofballs ever existed.
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