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Does the poor parenting that started in the 80s contribute to people not having kids now?

dopplertx, his brother and I went to Ice House last night for some food. Several tables away was a family with a bunch of young kids, at least one of which cried for a good chunk of our meal. Sure, ok, kids cry, but the damn parents were doing almost nothing. They didn't even pick her up until we were almost done.

I'm old enough to remember when my sister was born. We never went out *anywhere* while she was young, and if we were out and someone was mis-behaving, it meant a trip to the bathroom for a little 'attitude adjustment'.

Now? How many times have I seen kids just wandering around a restraunt. Or a store. Not lost, just wandering around because their parents don't care.

Bad parenting? Maybe it's just lack of respect for others. Maybe people actually buy into all the 'it takes a village' crap. </rant> (BTW, how do you excerpt part of an entry so it doesn't show up on the main page?)

Anyway, finally got the database shipped off to the folks that need it. Now there's two huge files waiting to be sucked across my poor DSL. One of them's been in transit for several hours now, and I'm sure it'll be several more before it's done. Guess I need to investigate QoS in ipfw.

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