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Why do websites feel the need to open links in another damn browser window? If I want something open in another window (or tab), I'm perfectly capable of making that happen on my own.

Just got back from the doctor. Half of my shinbone (fibula) isn't healing. He'd like to get me out of the walking boot, but he wants to consult with one of his partners who does much more trama work than he does. He's supposed to call me in a few days and let me know what the verdict is.

nucleartacos were fun last night. Some friends of linearb who I'd met at Dim Sum showed up. It was also calledisrael's first taco night. Unfortunately for them, this new batch of red savina seems to be quite turbo-charged! I was aiming for a 2 on the dead-cow batch, and a bit less on the dead-turkey batch. The beef tacos were like 4! It appears that the savina didn't get mixed well enough on the turkeytacos, so I think they ranged from 1 to 3+.

We also made some mozzarella cheese. What was supposed to take half an hour turned into 2 hours! But OMG was it good! It was absolutely incredible. Absolutely something I'll be doing again.

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