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Buncha random stuff from whenever the last time I posted...

Bottling beer still sucks, in case anyone was wondering. But I now have about a case of the dopplebock that was on tap bottled. This stuff should age really well, so I plan to be pulling bottles out at random for the next several years.

Speaking of which, I need to do a beer tasting at cowhaus. I have an interesting Sam Adams beer that's in a champaign bottle, as well as 4 or 5 of my own beers that have now aged at least a year. Contrary to what Shitweiser would like you to think, many beers do very well with age, so it should be interesting to sample some of these. Though, beers that age well are generally dark, heavy beers, which I know not everyone likes.

Speaking of not heavy beers, I racked the two Texas Blonde batches (one mini-mash, one all-extract) to secondary tonight. I really should have done it last week; I suspect the delay hurt the beer.

Anyway, everyone who's interested in doing a beer tasting post a comment and tell me what's a good day.

Went out to the DZ last weekend. I lucked into it being someone's birthday party, so I ended up staying there until about 11PM. Had I known in advance I would have just planned on staying down there.

I finally rode in the 'new' Otter. It's way roomier than the Grand Caravan was.

My leg is feeling better all the time. I'm actually able to kinda run now. Now I just need a job and some insurance and I should be able to jump soon.

Speaking of jobs, I should be interviewing at Pervasive next week. Hopefully my experience there turns out to be better than pretty much everyone else I've ever talked to. In any case it'll be damn cool to get paid to promote PostgreSQL.

Oh, and for anyone not in nucleartacos, tacos this Wednesday, 7:30PM.

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