Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Beer beer and more beer!

I'm planning on going to the Real Ale party tomorrow. Right now AFAIK it's just ivo, dopplertx and I. If that's how it stays we'll probably head from here to dopphaus, then take the doppmobile down there. If more people want to go then I suspect it'll be the partybus going down. Not that any of this really matters that much... Anyway, if you want to come with, post a comment or something.

Also, there was some talk about setting up a regular brewing day/night. The idea is that you'd show up with a recipe and brew and ferment here, then bottle/keg/tapadraft/whatever. Or just come and hang out. Is anyone interested in doing this? If so, what day would be good? I'm thinking of non-nuclear Wednesdays right now. Again, if interested, post a comment.

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