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Mmm... beer and chili

Today has been quite productive. Got downstairs by 9AM and brewed another batch of beer, because I don't feel like waiting for DeciBock to lager (yes, it was supposed to be Decimator, but it's going to end up at less than 6.5% alcohol, so it's no longer a dopplebock. Pout.) I definately need to get a wort chiller, I spent way too long screwing around with trying to cool the wort. Sadly, I also couldn't get a good specific gravity reading. I tried pouring some wort out of the carboy, but the SG was way low; around 1.020 (should be 1.048). I siphoned some out from closer to the bottom; it was around 1.050. I tried shaking the fermentter around to mix everything up, but it didn't help much. Last SG I got was 1.036, but I think that's still not right. I'll have to ask Forest from AHS what he suggests.

After lunch I decided it was time to make some chili. Bunch o' ground beef, some NTN leftovers...mmm. I roughly followed a 'Texas Chili' recipe I have, which calls for 1/4 lb. of bacon along with 2 lbs. of some cut of meat. I was a bit shy of 1/4 lb., and I put this into something like 5 lbs. of ground beef. It still turned out pretty good though.

I'll be heading off to the LJ meetup in just a few minutes; hopefully I'll see some familiar faces there.

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