Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

Wonder what that cost the airline...

2PM: Make it through security at AUS. Get a $9 taco plate from Matt's El Ranchero. Hopefully I have enough time to eat it before my 2:47PM flight.
~2:10: "Passanger's blahblah and Nasby, please report to gate 13."
~2:15: Finish wolfing down food and beer, hoping they don't decide one shiner means I'm now too drunk to fly.

Turns out they called me up because thanks to Ophelia, connecting through Raleigh (how the fuck you spell that?) isn't exactly a great idea. So, they re-route me through Dallas, and give me $200 travel voucher on top of it.

2:30: Head to new gate, board different flight (MD80 instead of ERJ. Yay, I guess).
3:00: Wheels-up AUS
3:30: Wheels-down DFW
4:15: After verifying that food in DFW is nowhere near as expensive as AUS, plop down at bar and order $6.50 22 oz beer.
~4:30: Strike up conversation with cute chick who was eyeing my laptop and I as I was online.
5:15: Hurridly say goodbye to Stephanie as I realize I'm about to miss my flight. Gave her my business card, but didn't think to get digits. Hopefully she'll call/email.
5:30: Wheels-up DFW
~8:30: Crap, laptop battery dies. Need to get 12V adapter for the rare occasions when I'm on a plane that actually has 12V outlets.
9:30: Wheels-down JFK
~9:50: Arrive near gate
~10:00: Told by captain that plane will clear gate in 10 minutes, in the meantime we've moved somewhere 'out of the way' (as if you can just toss a 757 in a closet or something)
10:30: FINALLY get to the fucking gate. Plane is asked to allow international PAX to deplane first.
11:50: Finish fileing MIA baggage report. Not unexpected after sudden re-routing.
12:05: Get in cab driven by dumbest cabbie on planet.
12:10: Cabbie finally gets directions to hotel from hotel desk clerk.
12:40: Finially arrive at hotel after $50 cab ride. Outside of hotel smells like pee, which is saying something since it's a 5 story hotel where all the rooms are exterior and entire fucking thing smells like piss.
~1:20: Finally go to bed.
7:00AM: Time to get up. Wee.
10:10PM: Back at hotel after good day with potential client. Call American to find out bag should be delivered by 4PM. BTW, their automated phone system is pretty slick.
10:20: Drinking shitty-tasting Bass at hotel bar.
11:00: Close hotel bar, head back to room. Discover bag was actually placed in room by hotel. Dur.
11:40: Done writing this, still waiting on some stuff for work. Crap, still need to write something up. Wee.

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