Decibel (decibel45) wrote,


1) Dim Sunday
2) Habana
3) Uhm... Heidi. :>

Got a call from spintorn today as I was on my way to Dim Sum. She and 'the crew' were on their way in from Houston to eat at Habana. So, 1.5 hours after leaving Dim Sum I found myself sitting at Habana, wishing there was some way I could cram more food down my gullet.

Not only did I get to see spintorn and calledisrael, I sat next to another beautiful skydiver by the name of Heidi, who was in town from Houston for a wedding. We ended up talking outside for a while after everyone had left, and 'though she'd only shaken my hand to say goodbye before, she gave me a big ole hug when we finally left. Hmmm... :)

Unfortunately she smokes, which is a pretty huge downside. :( But, sounds like she wants to quit, so who knows...

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