Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

teh weekend

So nugget's 35th birthday was Friday. Paul, a friend of his from high school, realized a few weeks ago that his birthday was going to fall on a Friday. Given that and it being his 35th he decided that we needed to do a little surprise party. So, Paul and Tom (another friend) flew into Houston and came into town with dbaker. Meanwhile, Nugget's mom flew into Austin and spent the afternoon with equiraptor's mom before heading to Salt Lick. Suffice it to say Nugget was 100% surprised.

Of course the best part for me was that heidinoel was there. :) But having the whole party actually work out was a close second.

Saturday we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. Outstanding as always. Then Heidi and I hung out at a coffee shop doing a crossword puzzle (long story). After that we went to Nugget's for dinner, but Heidi wasn't feeling well so we ended up comming back home.

Today we want down to Bull Creek for a bit before meeting whurley for lunch at Threadgills.

Anyway, Heidi's back in Houston now and I'm heading over to Nugget's to watch the live West Wing.

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