Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

I feel like linux...

Last night was capt_drake's bachelor party (his freedom ends on Sunday). Ended up drinking way too much so I woke up hungover. I still have a headache. I think dinner may not have been too good, either, since I puked at about 10AM. That's probably more than enough time for my stomach to be empty of alcohol (and as it turns out about everything else other than water...), so I suspect the food. Now I've got some Ritz in me; we'll see how well that works out...

Last weekend was spent with the beautiful heidinoel. Got to Houston around 8PM Friday night. Headed out to some mexican place for dinner. Heidi'd forgotten her antibiotics and didn't realize it until we were some distance from her house, so she decided to just skip it.


We finally rolled out of bed around noon, but she was feeling worse and worse as the day went on, so Saturday was pretty much a wash. Sunday was better though. I got to ride the light rail that dbaker loves so much. Also had some great food at Niko Niko's, which I later found out is just blocks from dbaker's apartment.

Tuesday night I finally managed to brew again. The NOG I'd brewed last tastes pretty good; it's now in secondary.

Tuesday night is also when some fuckers shot out the 3 driver's side windows on my Suburban. Every fall there is an issue with vehicles being vandalized in this neighborhood. When I first moved down here it was just eggs. Lately it's gone to rocks and BBs. I suspect this is the football team at McNeil 'celebrating' the week before homecomming. This time I know of at least 5 vehicles that were damaged, and probably more. I hope everyone this happened to files a police report. If enough people do they'll probably try and do something about it.

About that time, the machine hosting exploded, too. And I had defensive driving Wed. and Thur. night. And I had to sit at the autoglass place about 2 hours Thursday afternoon while they worked on my truck. Between all that, it hasn't been a very productive week.

Next week I'll be in Dallas for Thanksgiving. Hopefully the Valentine 1 I ordered shows up in time for that roadtrip.
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