Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

My take on Christmas...


But, really. If it's just the thought that counts, then I'm pondering putting that on my list next year. You can fit a lot of thoughts into a pickup truck. You don't have to find places for the thoughts in your pantry, or worry about The Kat chewing them up or dragging them around in the night because you're too lazy or tired to put them away and find space for them. You don't have to decide which thoughts are the best, which you're taking back tomorrow, which you're going to force-feed your friends if you don't like their tastes. You don't end up with thoughts you can only use in Shiner because there's only one Quality Drugs in existence, and thoughts aren't wasted commodities in that instance. They're just so much more convenient, and I still have my two front teeth, so next year I want that thought which, we're told time and time again, is supposed to count.
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